South London Bowling Club
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19 Lyford Road
SW18 3LU


History of South London Bowling Club

South London Bowling Club was first established in 1900; Tom Robertson and the renowned W G Grace were among its founder members, with the EBA being formed at the club a few years later.

The clubs aim at conception was to promote that game of competitive bowls and this has remained the aim of the club into the 21st Century.

The club has had the honour of providing more English International Players than any other English Club to date albeit in the earlier part of the 20th Century. A representative Double Fours Team reached the Semi Finals of the EBA National on 2006.

The main league to which to club belongs was originally as the White Horse League although the has become the Young’s Brewery League for the past 17years with South London holding the Champions Title for 15 of those years. It should be noted that all our active members helped in achieving that title last year with the youngest player being 12 and the oldest in their late 70ties.

After much heart searching by the longer serving members the original clubhouse was demolished at the end of the 2004 season, with the new facilities becoming ready for the start of the 2006 season with the bowls green being resurfaced at the same time.

The 'new' clubhouse in the early stages South London Bowling Club

The Clubhouse under construstion at South London Bowling Club

The clubhouse and green South London Bowling Club

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South London Bowling Club

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